Macros to Muscles Meal Plan - You have a hard time figuring out what to eat?  You are busy, and just need it planned out for you?  You will love this Meal Plan!  This is specific to the Macros to Muscles Fat Loss carb cycling schedule.  It also includes LOW MACRO Days!!  This plan is based off a 1500 calorie plan.  Most of my members fall into that calorie goal, so this is great for you!  This meal plan was created in partnership with Emily Field RD.  She specializes in macro tracking.  This will make your life a lot easier!  Enjoy!

Meal Plan Cover

Macros to Muscles Fat Loss Plan + Bonus Meal SELF RUN

Bundle - Ok, so you are interested in feeling and looking better?  You want to change your lifestyle, and you want the plan.  You are just not a big social media buff and do not see the need for the accountability group?  You work best on your own, you aren't interested in waiting for another round to launch, and want to start TODAY!  Here's your plan!  You will receive the training on the entire Macros to Muscles Fat Loss Plan, you will receive workouts that can be done at HOME or at the GYM, you will have the carb cycling schedule, AND a training video on tracking your macros easily via an app.  GRAB this program and start TODAY!  

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