The Truth About Carbohydrates

So you may or may not have heard the term "carb cycling".  Is it safe to assume it triggers you to think about carbohydrates in a negative way?  The funny thing is, it's the opposite!  Carbohydrates are GOOD.  They are good to lean down your belly fat, break down that stubborn fat in the upper arms, and even help change the composition of your body if you carry weight in the lower half. 

You heard it right!  Carbs are our FRIEND! We have been conditioned over the last couple decades to believe that carbs are sugar (true), and sugar stores as fat (not always).  Some women try to only eat carbohydrates in the morning hours.  They hope to burn those carbs off by the evening.  That's what they have been taught, so I understand.  It's just not necessary!

Well, guess what?!  I only eat carbohydrates in the afternoon and LATER! 

Why am I preaching about carbohydrates.  One reason... YOUR METABOLISM!  I want to rev up your metabolism.  I want to repair it (from years of damage) and kick that "burn baby burn" into high gear.  I want your body to burn massive calories when you are just relaxing and sleeping.

What do carbs have to do with your metabolism?  Our body's first fuel source is... drum roll please!  You guessed it, carbohydrates!  So for those that participate in the Keto Lifestyle (minimal carbs and high fat diet), you are breaking your metabolism over the long term! Think of your metabolism like a fire, and carbohydrates are the oxygen that fuels that fire.  When you take away the oxygen, that fire will slowly go out.

We want the opposite.  Or at least I do!  I want oxygen for my fire, plus gasoline to rev it!  I want that fire alive AND growing. 

So how do we eat carbs to lean down?  We carb cycle. This is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake to rev up your metabolism, all the while converting your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner.  In my groups we have days that are high carbs, and other days that are low carbs.
  This is a huge reason why my clients lose weight, inches, and change the composition of their bodies!

Ready to learn how to carb cycle, and the best cycling schedule out there?!